Tkium is a support company created in 2020. It hosts BloodAlibi's one-man projects

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Tkium has been created in 2020, first as single Roblox group. It has grown up, and became a company.

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Tkium Exclusion Area

Tkium Exclusion Area is a short horror escape game which takes place in an asylum. It has been evacuated, but why?
You need to get out of this place, and quickly.
Even if this area looks abandoned, nothing can confirm that you are really alone.
You have to leave as fast as possible, the fear is taking over you.
Find the ways to open each door, and to escape the area as fast as possible.
You are not alone in this place. Someone, or something, hunts the last survivors.
Bad things happen in the darkest places.

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Tkium Underground

Tkium Underground is a short horror escape game which takes place an unknown underground facility. You wake up without any memory, and try to find an exit. During your exploration, you quickly understand that you are not alone in this maze.
However, exiting this place is not an easy task. If you want to get out in one piece, it would be needed to quickly learn how the security system works.
Find all the required objects, and interact with the levers and generators to unlock the exit door.
In this dark place, a creature wanders. It will not hesitate you kill you if it sees you.


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Tkium Metro

Tkium Metro is an horror escape game which takes place in an abandonned metro station. Without any idea of where you are currently or if you are the only one alive here, you try to search for help, food and an exit. You will go through several mazes, you will need to find ways to leave each area using tools and your skills.
The entire facility is in the darkness of your deepest fears. You are certainly not alone in there. But who are these shadows runnig behind you?
Go through many rooms to find the final exit. Steps will become harder and you are surely not a soldier.


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