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Common Issues

Find here all the common issues organized in different themes.

Tkium creates games and distributes them to players all around the world. Find below the list of the common issues and questions about our games.

Refunds are possible according to Steam Refund Policy. We don't handle refunds ourselves. Learn more here.

Requirements depend on the game. You can see on the game Steam page the system requirements needed to properly run the game. Please note that our games are currently only available on PC.

We are on several social media to communicate with our community. Find below the list of the common issues and questions about our presence and how we stay in touch with our players.

The Community Server is a place where all community members can talk, share, participate in events and follow our latest news. It's a public Discord server open to anyone above the age of 13. Please read and understand Discord Terms of Service before joining.

You most likely broke one or several Community rules. If you wish to appeal, you can contact Please note that you can only appeal once.

We offer multiple Services to online creators to thank them and let them be part of the development. Find below the list of the common issues and questions about these Services.

Yes, our Services applications are free. You can contact for more information.

Sure! You are free to leave any Service you want at any given moment.

Benefits depend a lot on your involvement and the Service chosen, but you can mostly get access to our newest games for free and participate in special polls.

You can get in touch with us for help, questions or suggestions. Find below the list of the common issues and questions about our support service and what you should expect after sending your message.

For most of our email services (Support, Contact, Community Server, Services) and our social media, our reply delay is between 3 days and 2 weeks.

Yes! You are free to send us a message on one of our social media account, such as Twitter of Instagram.


If your issue is not listed in our list above or if you want to report a bug, feel free to get in touch with the support for additional help. We will try to come back to you in the shortest delay.

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